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Immediate deductibility of capital start-up expenses

From 1 July this year, new provisions apply to allow certain small businesses, or an entity that is not in business, to immediately claim some start-up costs, including business costs associated with raising capital. 

Claimable business-related start-up costs

Expenses can be fully deductible in the year in which they are incurred if the expenditure relates to a small business that is proposed to be carried on and is either:

  • incurred in obtaining advice or services relating to the proposed structure or the proposed operation of the business (e.g., advice from an accountant or lawyer); or
  • a payment to an Australian government agency of a fee, tax or charge incurred in relation to setting up the business or establishing its operating structure (e.g., the ASIC fee for registering a company).

It does not include the cost of acquiring assets that may be used by the business.