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"We give a shit" - our manifesto


The success of your business matters to us

  • because saving tax on the money you have earned is more money in your back pocket – to spend as you want 
  • because helping you and your people regain time with better business systems and processes frees you up to do the stuff that makes a real difference
  • because better information makes for better decisions, which means better business performance – and that’s fun (at least to us)
  • because the success of your business makes a big difference to you, your people, your family, your community. 

It creates time for you to focus on what you love to do, just for you.

We are a small business ourselves and understand your challenges in juggling all the demands you face.

Being a business owner can be a lonely job – it can help to have a sounding board, someone on your side, that has your back and is fighting alongside you.

We applaud your courage and the effort it takes to be a business owner.

We do not believe in ticking clocks and timesheets; it’s the wrong focus. It’s about doing a job well - for an agreed fixed price.