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Get a Free Business Tax and Structure Review:

Helping business owners keep the ATO away, pay less tax and grow their profits

Free Business Tax & Structure Review

  • Identify ways in which you can pay less tax than you’re doing now
  • Develop strategies that can protect one of your most important assets – your business – from adverse claims  
  • Show you ways in which you can grow your revenues 

Your business matters. You work long hours and pour a lot of energy into making it work. At Emerge we work alongside you to maximise its financial success.

Whether it’s – keeping the ATO away from your door – cutting unnecessary expenses – or advice on how to grow your profits and revenues – we are here to help you.

But more than that, we care.  As one of our clients said,

"What I love about Emerge is that you give a shit."

Understand the important drivers of your business success:

Pay less tax to the government

You work hard for your money and the ATO wants as much of it as it can get. With the federal and state tax laws sitting at 27cm thick, it is a complex world. We are experts at helping our clients pay the legally minimum amount of tax. More hard-earned money for you.

Grow the profits in your business

Your business is full of hidden expenses and revenue opportunities. Let us uncover them and add more money to your bottom line. More profits for you to invest or enjoy.

Save time with faster, more efficient processes

We all work many long hours in our business. And often it’s the old ways of doing things that eat up your time. With new processes and effective use of new technology, we can FREE you up to spend more time with friends and family.

Take control of your money and keep it in your bank for longer

Cash is king and is the blood flow that keeps your business alive. Yet many businesses do not have a clear picture of exactly where and why their money is tied up. We can help predict and plan for that – giving you confidence that you have money for any contingency.

Free Expert advice on call – so you make better decisions

As part of our service to our clients you can pick up the phone at any time and ask our advice. Whether it’s a question about equipment financing, selling an asset or a complex tax issue, we will come back with a simple answer – often with a way that will save you money.